About me

I am married to my number one match!

Brett and I met in 2002 via Kiss.com, which is now match.com. We were number one on each others list for suggested dates. We e-mailed each other once or twice, called each other and decided to go out that first week. On our first date we ate at the Alcapulco a Mexican restaurant. I didn't love my dinner, a bean burrito, and would you believe Brett ate right off of my plate! 
We clicked :)

Brett proposed to me on our one year Date-i-versary with a cute paper ring that he had made to substitute the real ring that was still at the jewelers.

Our engagement announcement.

We were married on March 21st of 2004

While house hunting in 2005 we discovered that we were pregnant with Jacob.

8 weeks!
12 weeks!

1 day!

One month before Jacob's first birthday we found out that we would be having baby #2, Joshua!

The boys are 18 months apart and really adore each other.

I am a working mama, which can be pretty tough at times. On top of working full time I am in the process of getting my masters degree in education at PACE. I will be a certified secondary Math teacher soon! Thanks to my wonderful husband I am able to follow all of my dreams.

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