Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jacob's 9th Gamer Party (and school Thanksgiving B-day)

This year Jacob's Birthday was 6 days before thanksgiving. Since he was having a big kid video game party on a Friday night the same day as the school party I went with the Thanksgiving theme for school. We made these cute Cornucopia bugle snack mixes with a bag tag.
Jacob chose these cute turkey cupcakes which were pretty easy to pull off.
Since I always bring a healthy snack as well I made these turkey apple cups by just printing the turkey heads (I made in MS Publisher) and gluing them on ice cream cups.
How cute was this turkey duo!

Jacob wanted a "big kid" party at night. I agreed to a party at this awesome gaming place, The Backyard Nine, which is right down the road from us on a Friday night. I did not want it at the house since we were hosting Thanksgiving in a few days!
I can't believe he is 9! Party City had this cool 9 balloon.
 The really cool balloons were these controller balloons that I ordered from Amazon. The place supplied tablecloths but I brought my own for the theme.
I weighted the balloons with the Skylander Giants and used the space invader streamer (from Amazon) to spice up the plain green tablecloth.
I used my go to Ikea frames for these cute signs.

Food was provided by the venue so I just did my usual dessert table. Jacob prefers cupcakes so I went with the easy toppers. For the silver cupcakes I used a cool metallic spray on color that I got at Michaels. The blinking light 9 candle was from Walmart.
You can see the metallic paper I used for the sliver background on these toppers.
 Jacob only invited 8 boys from the cubscouts so it was easy to manage. I got gift cards to Game stop as the party favor along with some of the candy from the dessert table.
I offered grapes as the healthy option.
I printed the sign myself again from MS publisher.
I used the extra green cups for silver and green candy

He had his first night time party.
Since it was dinner time I ordered apps for the grown ups.
The 4 game rooms have giant screens where the game systems are hooked up and the kids can switch between the rooms with different games.
4 way Minecraft was played in two of the rooms.
Jacob had a great time turning 9!

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