Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jacob's 9th Gamer Party (and school Thanksgiving B-day)

This year Jacob's Birthday was 6 days before thanksgiving. Since he was having a big kid video game party on a Friday night the same day as the school party I went with the Thanksgiving theme for school. We made these cute Cornucopia bugle snack mixes with a bag tag.
Jacob chose these cute turkey cupcakes which were pretty easy to pull off.
Since I always bring a healthy snack as well I made these turkey apple cups by just printing the turkey heads (I made in MS Publisher) and gluing them on ice cream cups.
How cute was this turkey duo!

Jacob wanted a "big kid" party at night. I agreed to a party at this awesome gaming place, The Backyard Nine, which is right down the road from us on a Friday night. I did not want it at the house since we were hosting Thanksgiving in a few days!
I can't believe he is 9! Party City had this cool 9 balloon.
 The really cool balloons were these controller balloons that I ordered from Amazon. The place supplied tablecloths but I brought my own for the theme.
I weighted the balloons with the Skylander Giants and used the space invader streamer (from Amazon) to spice up the plain green tablecloth.
I used my go to Ikea frames for these cute signs.

Food was provided by the venue so I just did my usual dessert table. Jacob prefers cupcakes so I went with the easy toppers. For the silver cupcakes I used a cool metallic spray on color that I got at Michaels. The blinking light 9 candle was from Walmart.
You can see the metallic paper I used for the sliver background on these toppers.
 Jacob only invited 8 boys from the cubscouts so it was easy to manage. I got gift cards to Game stop as the party favor along with some of the candy from the dessert table.
I offered grapes as the healthy option.
I printed the sign myself again from MS publisher.
I used the extra green cups for silver and green candy

He had his first night time party.
Since it was dinner time I ordered apps for the grown ups.
The 4 game rooms have giant screens where the game systems are hooked up and the kids can switch between the rooms with different games.
4 way Minecraft was played in two of the rooms.
Jacob had a great time turning 9!

Joshua's 7th a Minecraft Birthday

Jacob and Joshua have been obsessed with Minecraft for the last few months so Joshua had no trouble deciding on the theme for his Birthday. 
The first item I picked up was the box heads which became a part of the photo booth.
The next project on my agenda was putting together the free, but somewhat labor intensive, plethora of paper-craft figures to both decorate the tables as well as serve as photo booth props. You can find tons of the stuff that is easy to print from the web!
 The cat wanted to cuddle with the creepers
 Joshua was insistent that he wanted a pinata. There is no way to just go and buy a Minecraft Pinata so of course I had to make one out of a few boxes.
Although you can go and buy Minecraft shirts I was able 
to paint these creepers tees for much less than a store bought 
shirt. The T-shirts were on sale at AC Moore. Again not extremely difficult but labor intensive. This was the ONLY favor besides dessert table candy. I prefer one good favor as opposed to a pile of dollar store trinkets. It works out to around the same price around $2.99 or $3.99.

I found a green ball and despite how simple it was to slap a creeper face on it was a huge hit at the party. This was an EASY win!
 On Pinterest I had stumbled on this amazing tutorial, from Say not Sweet Ann, on how to make Creeper peeps and they were pretty easy to make and boy did the come out great!

 First guy...
 I wanted to eat them so badly!
 Here is the finished tray of Creepers the day of the party.
I had no idea how I was going to write on the cake that Joshua decided on so I made this cute banner with bamboo skewers and a mini banner that I printed.
 I made one chocolate cake and used a grass tip to make dirt blocks, and made a yellow cake with yellow frosting sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs for sand blocks. I used some building blocks to add layers to the back part of the cake.
Because I made two cakes there was so much so I just put the rest on another tray.
Some other dessert table candies with the Minecraft themed look.
The finished candy display...
A close up on the TNT...
Because we had a girl coming with an egg allergy I made these rice crispy treats...

What party is complete without a variety of themed games and activities? 
Here is pin the tail on the Minecraft pig.
 Below is me doing a TNT explosion with diet soda and Mentos...
Below is a box building activity (I collected empty boxes from work for a few weeks) 

This is a shot of the Instax photo booth area with papercraft props...
Here is Joshua at the photo booth...
Everyone was lining up here for the Pinata...
We tied the Piniata up to the jungle gym part of the swingset...
Here are my cute niece and nephew...
Some shots of the table decor with grass and the paper crafts that I made. Even a personalized Minecraft sign.
Trap doors...

These were on the adult tables...
I love this pic of Josh just being happy about his party...
What a beautiful day for a party...
 The plates were ordered from Oriental Trading...
 Here are the finished dessert table shots...

I was pretty pleased with the final outcome!
The cake came out super yummy too!
Josh was very happy and that is what makes it all worth it!

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