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Monday, March 24, 2014

Magic Party - Jacob's 8th

So Jacob turned 8 in November and I know that we are now in March but his party was so cool I had to document it! Today happens to be the anniversary of Houdini's birthday and  thus I have chosen to share this Houdini party today in Houdini's honor.

After my sister saw these pictures she said this party was theme-sanity but she is right. I choose the colors red, black, and white, and Houdini/magic as the reoccurring theme.

I found this cool glow in the dark ABRACADABRA shirt at the Children's place.


I made the below banner with cool scrap book paper from Michaels, red ribbon and images I printed and glued on to the triangles. I saw the cupcake idea here on Pinterest. I made the top hats about a month in advance. I like to leave as little as possible for the last day.

I really loved the final result of the cupcakes.


They looked so cool once they were all lined up!

On the top row on the trays below dubbed "Disappearing dippers" I had dipped marshmallows in chocolate and put them on a half of a red and white striped straw and then placed them in these cute paper liners. On the bottom tray there were Oreos, with red filling, half dipped in melted red candy wafers.

One of my favorite goodies were the "Wobbly Wands", which is an actual slight of hand magic trick. The magician that came to perform told me that he has done a lot of parties but had never seen these. These were made from chocolate licorice that I simply dipped both ends in white melted candy wafers. Behind the edible wands you can see the plastic wands in a glass jar. The wands were ordered from Oriental Trading one for each kid. 

Each kid also got a magic top hat that was also purchased from Oriental Trading. When I received them they seemed a little blah so I added a white satin ribbon on each hat with a hot glue gun. You can see some fake handcuffs scattered around that were meant for decor only but of course the kids were locking each other up. 
The giant playing cards were seriously one of my best decor items. I bought them on Amazon.

I found these awesome images of old Houdini posters, that advertised his performances, and I enlarged them to hang around my somewhat industrial looking basement. The star lights were from IKEA.


 The poster shown below was on the door of the room the party was in. The plastic chain was purchased on sale just after Halloween.

The magician we hired was really entertaining. He showed the kids how to do this neat floating matchstick trick, performed below by Joshua the birthday boy's younger brother. The kids all got to keep these. My only regret was that I had hoped he gave them more tricks to take home.

I loved this giant wand, which looked even larger because it was held by one of the littlest guests at the party.

My adorable niece got a big kick out of being chosen to assist.

I'm not sure why I pulled mustaches into the theme other than the fact that they were fun to get the kids to wear. I loved how Liam creatively used his as hairy eyebrows.

 Future State Trooper? LOL.

I still can't believe my little guy is 8!

Goody bags.


Some of the lunch foods served were:

Bessie's Bagels (Houdini's wife) - Bagels from BJ's with a multitude of cream cheese options.
Magic Mac - Annies Mac & Cheese
Alakazam Ziti - Jacob's favorite (my baked ziti)
Houdini's disguised hot dogs - pigs in a blanket.

I hope you get some ideas from this as I have gotten many of mine from Pinterest!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day 2014

I love Valentine's day! Ok I love all holidays. Pinterest makes my life so much easier! I showed the boys some ideas that I pinned then I gathered the supplies. Yesterday we found out that the Valentines Day parties were being moved to today because of another Nor-Easter. I was ready last week (maybe earlier)! I heard that many people were scrambling to get them done last night. People get on pinterest! Or get some of the ready made kits that they make now, there are many.

Joshua loves vehicles and chocolate, so he chose this dump truck with chocolate rocks:

They look so cute all together!

The tags were downloadable here at DIY Network , the chocolate rocks came in a tube from Five and Below for $2. Each tube was two servings so I split each tube into two bags.

Joshua personalized them on the back. We had time to do these thanks to a February, work from home, snow day!

This may be Jacob's last year doing Valentines with me. He's getting too cool (tears from me). Due to his supreme coolness he chose a jokey valentine "Valentine you make me Laffy" he also chose it because he loves Laffy Taffy. I didn't like the labels that people were offering so I made my own in MS Publisher.

Jacob's candies were two big bags of Laffy Taffy for about $4 - $5 each and I was able to give each kid one of each flavor. I love the look of the colors. There were a few left over too!

Each Laffy Taffy wrapper has two Jokes on the inside which appealed to Jacob.

This year I made this really cute wreath that I found on Pinterest from Craft Envy.  
I love the grey and red this year! It was easy. Yarn, felt, a wreath mold, and glue!

I always do valentines for the teachers, after school caretakers, and the bus driver. Another download that I found on Pinterest from They Are Crafty. The Brownie Bites seemed like a good idea since they are good 100 calorie treats for the teachers and they were on sale in A & P for $2.50 each! 

 I used red card stock and my paper punch to add the to & from, then tied them on with some pretty pink ribbon that I had laying around from a Benefits House Party that I hosted.

I printed a few other signs from Pinterest that I will click some pics of later as well as some cute pillow slip covers that I have to share from Pick your Plum!

I have some fun stuff planned for the long weekend too! Monster truck show and the Lego Movie at the Alamo Draft house. Can't wait!! Oh yea, Brett and I will have a date night too thanks to Uncle Jim.

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