Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Joshua's Lego Star Wars 6th Birthday Party!

 Joshua turned six years old this month! He chose to have a Lego Star Wars birthday party. I had many ideas that I pinned to my pinterest board and then picked and chose what to do in the end.

We had a beautiful day. I rented some kiddie tables and red and blue kid chairs. The rest were my own tables.

I used frames from IKEA that are 99cents each to make Star Wars Lego themed food signs. I use these frames for all holidays as well they are so cute!
We had Ewok munch which was a mixture of chocolate and graham teddy grahams mixed with some rainbow marshmallows.

These guys were chomping all the marshmallows!

The adult favorites were  the "Princess Lays".

  We also had some Padawan Puffs...

The kids got Naboo nuggets and Jabba the Hutt dogs (they were devoured before I could get a picture!)... Of course there was mac and cheese on the side!

 I set up a Jedi training course for the kids...

1.) Help C-3PO find his head. I printed a giant Lego C3PO in MS Paint and then had enough heads to pin on to C3PO in a bag that had self stick foam dots on them.

2.) Defend the Earth from asteroids were pool noodle lightsabers and black balloons that the kids had to keep in the air (most of them got popped) they had a ball with this. The lightsabers were easy to make but time consuming! Everyone got to take one home.

3.) Was Cross the Mustafar Lava Field, a red table cloth and some foam pieces to jump across. Some of the older kids said it was easy so I told them true Jedi's would hop across on one foot for a challenge.

4.) Was don't drop the Stormtrooper! They were hard boiled eggs with stormtroopers drawn on them with a black sharpie.

Here is Joshua running with his Stormtrooper...

The line up waiting for the eggs to come back...

5.) Was save Princess Leia from the Storm Troopers. I printed out Lego images of Stormtroopers that I cut out and made a band out of the extra paper as a stand. The kids used Nerf guns to knock them down away from the printed Princess Leia.


I had to demo it to my helpers before the party!
 6.) Was the kids receiving a personalized Jedi certificate signed by Yoda himself...

8.) Was getting your first portrait taken as a Jedi at the photo booth. I borrowed an instant camera from my work (Fujifilm) and my sister the photographer took some amazing snapshots of the kids posing with masks I printed from the Star Wars site.

The backdrop area (black fabric from an earlier project and glow in the dark stars that I had laying around but never used)...

Some additional back drop options (Star Wars music was being piped from the ground speaker via Spotify)...

My sister-in-law painted cute pink dots on my niece's cheeks to make her look like Princess Amidala! (So cute!)

I had a table set up with "guess how many candy Lego's"...

Another random game I made was this Duplo ring toss that I built from packing materials...

Joshua had a firm idea of what he wanted his cake to look like from some pins I showed him. I learned how to make fondant from "How Does She" and it was easy! Much cheaper than the store bought kind.

The top tier was vanilla and the bottom was chocolate. There was a ton of left over cake it made plenty of servings!

Brett's music teacher buddy, Scott, has his Doctorate in Tuba and played happy birthday and the Star Wars theme during cake time!

The only picture I have of the red and blue pretzel rod light-sabers is here on the bottom right... ( I wrapped tin foil around the bases). The old Millennium Falcon was my brothers as a kid (Vinny is checking it out in the back).

Here you can see the Lego plate with the number 6 and some Star Wars Lego guys attached to it. The boys had fun making that! The R2D2 is my brothers.

The Tie Fighter idea was assembled from 100 calorie Oreo pack cookies and mini marshmallows held on by melted candy wafers.

I set up a baby play area with a flannel blanket and some Duplo blocks...

Here are the Juice choices, "Yoda Soda" (green Hawaiian Punch) and "Vader-Ade" red Gatorade.

I like to give useful favors and I lucked out when I found these ADORABLE tin banks on sale months ago at Old Navy. I bought 26 of them and it was pretty comical. I have seen them for $8 upwards since they are collectable. These were way cheaper!

I filled them with home made X-Wing fighter chocolates that I made in a silicone mold, Lego candies that I ordered in bulk and put in salad dressing containers (4pk from Christmas Tree Stores), and a glow stick (25pk from Michaels, not pictured)..

This Party was really fun to plan and I know my kids had a great time!

All of the signs were made in MS Publisher, I used a basic MS border, downloaded the Star Wars font, and used clipped images of Lego Star Wars figures that were easy to find via Google! The wooden stakes are actually going to become my cucumber trellis I got them at Home Depot. Paper supplies (tablecloths, plates, balloons) most of which were on sale at Party City since they are not making Lego Star Wars right now.

Check my Pinterset Page for more ideas that I may not have used!

Now to start planning for Jacob in November! LOL. Hey they won't be getting these parties for many more years so I might as well enjoy it!

Happy pinning and Partying! 



  1. How wonderful! I love the Ewok munch and the cake looks totally awesome. And princess Lays and Padawan Puff? Haha! I see R2-D2 and Darth Vader, but where’s Yoda? Btw, the Jedi Knights certificate is a great idea. I would have to keep that in mind! Jason, La Patisserie

    1. Thanks Jason! Yoda Soda and Yoda on the certificate were all I could squeeze in! I tried to find Yoda Marshmallow pops that I had seen :0)

  2. Thanks for the post. I like the images. I must say children's had fun over there with Lego Games.

  3. Lovely images. Children's looks so so happy with Lego games.

  4. Thanks for the ideas! What packing materials did you use for the Duplo Lego toss? Also, do you happen to have an editable version of the Jedi Knight certificate or a link to the images/numbers you used for the Duplo toss? That would be every so helpful as I am currently planning my son's Lego start wars party! So neat!

    1. Thank you! I can email you a certificate if you want. The packaging materials were very thin foam strips and a foam board that I colored with marker. Send me the date and you email and I can add it for you!

    2. Oh, I just saw this reply. Thank you for your offer. I ended up creating my own certificate, but I'm using lots of your ideas for the party. Thanks!

    3. If you still have it, I would like to have a copy of your certificate that you made, it's just what I was looking for:
      February 28th 2018

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  6. Great to see this star wars themed birthday party. Liked everything arranged here. It is really creative. Few days ago I and my sister arranged a birthday party for my niece at LA venue. We arranged a mermaid themed party and arranged yummy food with elegant décor. All the guests loved and enjoyed the party.


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