Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Transformer Party

Jacob turned 7 in November and I have been so busy since that I have not gotten the chance to post his fabulous Transformers party! We had a special  entertainer from the Mad Scientist visit us who put on a show that the kids absolutely loved!

I made all of the crafts and desserts myself and purchased most of the table decor at Walmart.

Below is a shot of the dessert and favor table.

I made this banner from card stock and drew on Transformer lettering spelling Jacob!

Joshua was super excited about the cupcakes!
I made this cute sign in Microsoft publisher and got a cheap frame from Walmart to hold it.

I made the toppers with two different paper punches and glued them onto a toothpick...

Jacob ready to blow out the candles!

The main favors were wrapped books that were about science experiments. 

I made these awesome candy pops from a mold I got for around $2 on Amazon...

The lit candles...

 Power puff!

The frosting, which I colored myself with Wilton gel coloring, turned EVERYONES mouths blue even Gigi's!

While the kids were upstairs having dessert the Science guy set up his lab in an unfinished portion of our basement.

He explained about doing experiments...

The kids were enthralled...

The kids all got to make their own gross green slime which they got to take home...

Dry ice and dish soap created a super fun dry shampoo that freaked the kids out!

Jacob got dumped on the most as the party host!

Dry ice in a bucket of water and the room filled up with spooky smoke!

 My niece wanted to jump into the bucket!

 Before the Science guy had arrived the kids had pizza on some rented tables and chairs that I set up in the same room as the Science guy show.

I made this pretty Optimus Prime punch that the kids did not love the taste of the Cranberry juice (oh well can't win em all)..

My niece...

 Some of the kids did not want to leave at the end of the party because they had so much fun. Jacob was thrilled to have his first at home party. Because it is in the colder weather we usually have his party out at a party place. 

Until next time! 

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