Thursday, February 9, 2012

Class Valentines...

Thanks to Pinterest I got lots of ideas for the boys' classes this year! I was even inspired to come up with a few for the teachers on my own.

Between Joshua's love for cars and his cute speech impediment there was no question about making these "I WHEELIE like you" valentines. He loves M and M's too so we threw in a mini pack for fun. $1 for a 6 pack at Walmart. The Hotwheels were only $1.07 also at Walmart.

For Jacob I let him choose from a bunch of ideas I had pinned. He really likes Pop Rocks so the "You Rock" valentine was a nice choice. I even found cotton candy flavored Pop Rocks at 5 and Below for 89 cents. Cotton Candy happens to be one of his favorite flavors!

How cute is this little bow and arrow?

For the teachers I used skinny cow candies that I had a few buy one get one free coupons for. They came to $3.84 for twelve individually wrapped candies. I made up two sayings, one for teachers and one for before and after school caretakers. A tad cheesy but hey it's Valentines Day!

Oh how I love Pinterest for the holiday ideas!

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