Monday, October 15, 2012

Apples and pumpkins

This weekend we made our annual pilgrimage for cider donuts, apples, and pumpkins at our local orchard Wilkins Fruit and Fir Farm.

Yummo fresh made Cider donuts, you can watch them being made.

Jacob was the only one to eat just one!


Jacob told me that it wouldn't feel like fall if we didn't go. They like jumping off of this big haystack that is always there.

 Since it was the last weekend for apple picking there was no minimum so we just picked a small amount. Joshua is such a good helper he carried the bag.

 I couldn't get Jacob to stop making this goofy face!

I let the boys each get their own little pumpkin.

 Jacob actually thought his was heavy, Joshua carried his all the way to the car...

I found this beauty for the main pumpkin.I might be carving a raccoon this year in honor of the raccoons that kept me up all night on our first camp out last weekend.

Jacob was impressed with the Fred Flintstone log car...

Joshua was in heaven up on this tractor...

My little golden boy picking golden apples...

 Jacob said "I am going to hold this one like a little chick"...

 Until next year...

I love the fall!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Teacher gifts...

This year, thanks to Pick Your Plum, I got these super cute unfinished magnet boards for $4.50 each. I decorated them for Fathers Day and Teacher appreciation gifts at year end. All of the boards came unpainted so I painted them and used scrapbook paper on the metal. I got really pretty magnets in the Christmas Tree Shops.

Here is what the Pick your Plum ad looked like for the magnet boards. Basically they came with an unfinished board with a grove cut into it and sanded edges, and cut metal sheets. I got the larger 8" boards.

 For fathers day I added a little "I love dad" scrap paper and some bright paint:

 For Jacob's teacher I did a cute bug theme with some felt sticker embellishments:

For Joshua's Teacher, who Jacob had two years ago, I used a Sea Horse theme. Joshua told me that she loves Sea Horses. It turned out to be my favorite. I mixed a light blue paint with a light green and added a light glitter coat. It looks like a nice sea color. This one was embellished with paper pop up sea stickers.

All of the teachers, teachers assistants, therapy teachers, and before and after school care people got these sweet ice cream cup gift card holders. The gift cards are for Cold Stone Creamery. The decorative cups and cute ice cream trimmings were from Michaels Craft Store.

I printed these tags that I typed up in MS Publisher for both Jacob and Joshua:

How cute are they with the wooden spoon in them!

I had to make 14 in all!

I love the tiny ice cream cone stickers that add a touch of bling!

Both of my sons have learned so much this year, they have been kept safe from harm, they have been nurtured, they are thriving. This is true thanks to the great teachers they both had. Last year Kindergarten was not what I had hoped for Jacob. I am so grateful that this year Mrs. Luciani restored my faith our teachers with her patience and caring.

I feel that a small appreciation gift is the least I can do for these great people who spend so much time with the two most important people in my life. I only wish I could thank them more.

Now that Joshua is finished with Pre-K we are going to miss the fabulous Pre-school that our boys attended. Strawberry ECDC allowed for learning through exploration, tear free instruction methods, out door adventures on their gorgeous 4 acres, great friendships, and the staff genuinely loved my children while I was not there.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Joshua's 5th Birthday

 My baby is turning 5 tomorrow! We had his super duper SpongeBob party on Sunday.

Here he is waiting for the guests to arrive listening to SpongeBob Music that we played on outdoor speakers connected to the Ipod with a 48hr free trial from Spotify!

Here is the eating area with rented kiddie tables and yellow chairs, of course!

I found a similar sign to this on Pinterest I made mine from some foam board that I happened to have left over from school projects...


Here is my happy dad in front of the Bikini Bottom sign...

My absolute favorite table decor item was these pineapples with "Home Sweet Pineapple" pinned on to them!

And then there were the activity areas Jellyfish Fields...

The Jellyfish fields cabana housed a kiddie pool filled with Suishy Baff that the kids LOVED. Then I used an old beat up pool that leaked so I just filled with some ball pit balls, a water table (from the younger years) with some added table toys including a bathtub Patrick and SpongeBob squirty toy, and finally a fishing bucket with magnetic fishing poles and fish.

The next cabana was dubbed Bubble Mania...

In this mosquito net covered cabana I used clear balloons blown up to different sizes to mimic bubbles and covered a little kiddy bench with a plastic table cloth and used our three bubble machines. ( I am always on the hunt for a good bubble machine that's) why I have 3. (this was my personal favorite)

Then we had the Krusty Krab...

In the Krusty Krab area we had Squidward's post (the ship), a mini pool filled with green water balloons (plankton), a little cooktop with a wooden Krabby Patty cooking (SpongeBobs post), and a little dining area. The kids were supposed to toss the planktons back to the chum bucket.

The Chum Buckets were all metal buckets the boys got for Easter with clear packing tape over some printed signs "Welcome to the Chum Bucket''...


This ridiculously long sprinkler was supposed to be an elephant but it looked alot like Squidward to me. I love that it was 20 feet long!

My pretty niece liked it!

I also set up the kids little pool with a built in slide that had around 10 kids in it at one point!

Jacob was really enjoying making more water balloons...

The birthday boy, who happened to be sucking on some of the water toys that were set out in this bucket, and his shadow my little Niece Eden...

My sweet little 5 year old...

We had a great variety of foods unfortunately my husband only got these shots...

Smuckers Peanut Butter & Jelly AKA Jelly Patties

Grilled hot dogs AKA Salty Sea Dogs...

We also had mini Krabby Patties, and SpongeBob Mac and Cheese AKA Yummy Stuff.

Best of all the food was this really great cake from BJs...

I love that the cake was half chocolate & half vanilla!

Joshua liked the chocolate part!

The favors were these cute sand toys with the original label removed and replaced with my own hand made label and filled with a few recipe for fun ingredients...

"Thank you for coming to my 5th birthday party. Have some Fun in the sun! Love, Joshua"

Here is a view of the Back. Recipe for Fun: 1. Blow some bubbles 2. Build a sand castle 3. Eat some gummies... I also threw in some sidewalk chalk. The back label has a picture of Joshua in his SpongeBob Halloween costume from the fall.

For the few babies I made these bath toy favors that were squirty sea creatures and some mini boats...

A good time was had by all!

Look how cute he was four years ago on his first birthday!

I can't believe he is 5 and starting Kindergarten in September! He is the sweetest!


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