Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Easy Fun Halloween Shirts!

Thanks to a great offer on Mamapedia I got a one year subscription to Disney Family Fun Magazine for $5! As I thumbed through my second issue, I came across these super cute Iron-ons from sei crafts .

I let the boys pick which "my own" kit they wanted.
Jacob choose the monster and Joshua wanted lil'jack.

I ordered these tagless black long sleeve shirts from for buy one get one 50% off.

Joshua kept wanting to know when his shirt was going to come in the mail. Needless to day he was very happy to get them! 


Here is what each pack contained:

We had to be VERY careful pulling the transfers off of the backing.  One we had peeled them we laid them onto the shirts

We had to Iron them with a very hot iron for about 
20 seconds = (me 15 seconds + the boys 5 seconds)

They really felt such a sense of ownership in the process!

The results were really cool!

Jacob's monster has three eyes and two mouths!


We even took some extra eyes and a mouth and added a super cute back on Joshua's shirt.

The results were two very happy customers! 


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