Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kathleen's Tea Room with Janet

On Saturday Janet and I finally met up after not having gotten together for over a year! We set the date two months in advance because we have both been so busy. I have been dying to check out Kathleen's Tea Room in Peekskill and this girls luncheon seemed like a perfect reason to check it out.

The outside of the building is so cute it is covered in creeping vines. It didn't hurt that the weather on Saturday was awesome.

Janet insisted that we both hold up our pinky's as we drank our Scottish Breakfast Tea.

 The china is all mismatched which makes it so charming. I loved our sea themed teapot.

We ordered the High Tea assortment which is a three tiered serving tower. On the bottom there were assorted tea sandwiches, sliced veggies, and a few pickles. In the center there were delicious warm scones and a crumpet. We were so excited that we immediately grabbed a scone with some butter and raspberry jam, the waitress told us to start with them while they were still warm.

Here are the bottom two tiers sans scones.

 On the top tier were little tart-lets, a truffle, lemon shortbread finger cookies,  sliced kiwi, banana slivers, watermelon bits, strawberries, orange wedges, grapes, and apple slices. How cute!

Janet and I both concurred that it is very important to make the time to have fun with friends that we don't get to see too often and to just relax and catch up. Next time Janet is going to pick the place!


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