Sunday, August 14, 2011

The boys first baseball game "The Hudson Valley Renegades"...

We have heard many good things about going to see the Hudson Valley Renegades from various friends. We finally got a golden opportunity to take the boys to their first ball game when our neighbor offered us a choice of a few unused nights from a friend's season tickets. We choose August 10th and along with the tickets we were lucky to get a special parking pass too!

The stadium nicknamed "The Dutch" is really nice. They have lots of food vendors, games, and even a bounce house for the kids. It was really nice out when we got there and the boys were hungry for some stadium hot dogs!

Our seats were awesome second row right behind the catcher... Here is the pitcher getting ready to pitch the opening pitch...

 I was explaining the basic rules of the game to Jacob as he intently took it all in.

Joshua was a little wild and really wanted all of the snacks that the vendors came around offering...

Somewhere in the second inning we were hit with a pretty torrential rain that forced us out of our seats for a while. We got some soft ice cream to kill some time...

I loved the rural setting of the stadium, with all the trees in the background, and I also loved the big stadium lights. The whole experience felt very Americana to me and I was glad to share it with the boys. This was despite the fact that we did not stay for the post rain field clean up or the rest of the game. We got to see one home run and the boys got a taste for the game. I would definitely do it all over again in a heartbeat!


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  1. Nice! I think Matthew would enjoy this next year.


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