Thursday, June 16, 2011

My baby is four!

Between being so busy at work and the work I did getting our house and yard ready for Joshua's 4th birthday party I have not had a second to post! I did not even get to take my own pictures of the big party. Luckily my lovely sister in law took my camera and captured some of the excitement of the day.

We invited Joshua's whole pre-school class and with a few other friends and family the total count was 20 kids!
Although I could not avoid infusing the Cars 2 theme into the party. I came up with an idea to have a back yard bug adventure. 
Each kid was given a bug kit complete with a net, tweezers, built in magnifier, and to top them off (literally) they each got an adorable adventure hat. Once they were geared up the kids had to visit the different stations that I had set up to collect bugs along the way for their kits.
Here is my birthday boy with his adventure hat!
Our Mater ball pit became a Mater "snake pit" I mixed plastic snakes in with the balls and they had to dive in and grab one!

Behind the snake pit I had a bucket of bugs. The kids had to dig in peat moss (wipes off easier than dirt) for some really adorable plastic bugs. Here is my good friend Gina's son Matthew getting ready to dig in! Check out her cute post on the party at The Ish Blog!

Here is my niece Eden with her grasshopper find...

The next stop was a butterfly tent which I seriously wanted to live in. I used white mosquito netting that I clipped on some pretty felt butterflies from Michael's, hung few streamers from the dollar tree, and then hooked up Elefun and Freddy the musical fish for the kids to catch butterflies. (Luckily the parents all helped re-load the games for their kids!)
Jacob loved this too! His best friend Lily was also trying to catch her share.

Even Aunt Trisha liked the butterflies... The prize for catching a butterfly was a little fancy butterfly.

The last tent  was set up with a frog pond, fishing hole, and bumble bee toss!

I really loved my frog pond. I found amazing floating lilies at Michael's for $1.49 each! I made Lily pads with two different colors of green foam and green marker. Then loaded the pond with a combo of hard plastic frogs and squishy gushy little frogs. The kids LOVED this pond too!

I loved seeing the kids with their little nets trying to scoop up the frogs!


Here is little Matthew again from The Ish Blog... (look at the cool Lilys!)

Brett cooked hot dogs for the kids on the new grill and we served them up in these cute holders from the Christmas Tree Store.
 We loaded up two trays with the holders and buns and it made the whole process super smooth!

Of course we had to have cars macaroni and cheese on the side which my awesome mom helped serve up!

 And Juicy Juice Cars juice boxes too!

Twenty plus kiddies ready to eat! I had one table pass around a big squishy frog and the other a squishy turtle, just to keep them busy while we got them their food.

There were wedges, cold salads, and chips and dip for the grown ups...

Ok some adults like Aunt Marie and Uncle Bob like the hot dogs too!

Even baby Noah got some food!

While we got the tables cleared, dealt with a minor injury (bloody nose for the b-day boy), and got the cake ready I had the kids play pin the spot on the lady bug for a prize of lady bug erasers. I did not blind fold them. Here is Aunt Trisha in front of the Lady bug with no spots...

And Poppy (grandpa) in front of the finished bug....

And finally there was cake (and cookies) Look at the look on Joshua's face!...

Thanks Stop and Shop!

I can't believe my little baby is now four years old!

Thank you to my helpful (and tolerant) family, Bernadine!, and my new and old friends. The best part of the day was seeing everyone have fun and watching the kids be kids!

I love you Joshua you are sweet and caring and you brighten everyone's day.


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  1. That cake picture is priceless!! Love the look on Joshua's face!!

    Matthew is still talking about his "bugs"!


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