Friday, June 24, 2011

The Children's Center Year End Disney Performance

For the last two months Jacob has been rehearsing for the play put on by The Children's Center. This is where the children of many working parents can go before and or after school.  Lakeland Schools have a great Children's center with tons of activities including the performance of this play. 

Jacob's first role was as Le Fou, Gaston's little friend, in a segment of Beauty and the Beast. One of his lines was "but, but, but Gaston..."

Jacob failed to tell me that he was supposed to wear plain dark shorts and just told me that he needed plain shorts. ( I heard about this later when he joined me in the audience).

Gotta love this vest!

Here is a shot with Belle, with the blue kerchief, and more of the towns folk...

His next number was his favorite. He played a dwarf in the Hi Ho song from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or "Dorfs" as Jacob says it.

It turns out that one of the dwarfs injured his foot and was unable to perform so there were only six. Here is a shot of five of the six...

He stayed very late two nights a week to practice for this particular dance that was so much more fun with the shovel props and hats!

Here are two VIP members of the audience...

Here was Snow White!

As a finale they all sang "Can you feel the love tonight."

The kids did a great job!

 Joshua only covered his ears and asked if it was time to go a couple of times...

Good job Jacob!


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