Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Sunday hike...

This past Sunday we were determined to get the boys out for the first hike of the year. I wanted to go to Teatown Lake Reservation because they have so many different trails and it's only about a 15 minute drive from our house.

The trails are all different. Some are grassy, some woodsy, and some are wooden walkways. We decided to go on a new trail that leads to a small waterfall in the woods.  You can get maps at the nature center. Brett has a hiking book for our area with maps included. The boys were pshyched!

We found this HUGE tree that must have fallen this winter. Jacob was amazed by the size of it's roots.

This was a little bridge over a rambling brook. The boys love to stomp over the bridges.

The brook...

I thought the roots on this tree were so cool...

We were pretty far into the woods at this point. You can see the trail marker on the tree behind Brett.

Here is the secret waterfall in the woods. It's not huge but it was pretty none the less.

The stream carved out the earth under this tree and the roots were just hovering over the water...

We snacked on the bridge in front of the waterfall. Jacob was on planet Jacob...

I found some mica rock near the stream and showed the boys how cool it is. Mica is shiny and breaks off into flakes. Thanks to my Dad I have  a decent science background to share with the boys.

Joshua loves to get his picture taken sitting on big rocks and he is so silly about it.

We wrapped our hike back around towards the lake to head towards the nature center and our car. Some fellow hikers took our picture.

Along this stretch we found some pretty granite.

Josh found a little rock in front of the lake that he needed a photograph of.

It's hard to see here but Jacob was pointing to a trail marker on this tree with his walking stick. He is obsessed with finding the markers even on the very tame parts of the trails.

This swan was protecting it's mate that was nesting on wildflower island in the background. It was swimming around the perimeter of the island and when Jacob started getting excited and telling us to look at it, the swan fluffed up it's feathers to make itself seem fierce.

This tree grew over some rocks and looked like an elephants foot!

I love all of the wooden walkways and bridges through the wetland areas. The little house is a gateway to wildflower island and although it is closed right now there are some interactive activities there.

I let Jacob take a different loop from us so he could feel independent. Look how little he looks!

Jacob was really into it at the end even though he was tired from hiking around a mile and a half on his skinny 5 year old legs.

I can't wait for more hikes in the warmer weather!


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