Sunday, March 13, 2011

The new couch and ottoman...Before and after

From this view the old couch did not look so bad but when you sat on it the cushions were so squished down that you could actually start to feel the wood. Needless to say it was getting uncomfortable. It served us well, it moved with us from our first rental house in White Plains, and put up with the abuse of the boys first years. It cam from Jennifer convertible for a steal and the actually still sell the same one! The couch jutted out a little to far blocking the entry into the living room a bit, since it was not bought for this room. The ottoman was also loosing its softness and from the multiple jumps that the boys made from it one of the buttons had been long missing. (Thats where I would put the basket of remotes!)

I had to trim to edges every once in a while to keep the fray from getting out of hand LOL...

The cusions had thier share of stains and were rippling from years of use.

So we went for an upgrade at Raymour and Flanigans. I special ordered this couch for this particular color. What I really liked was that you could mix and match different pieces of sectional to get the right shape for your room. I choose a U shape with two chaise lounges on either side.
The couch took us a few days to get used to when we first got it it was so cushiony! We were overwhelmed at first! We really love it now. The ottoman just arrived on Saturday and I absolutely LOVE it. It has storage!

Here is a different view where you can see how it opened up the entry to the room. I can even use both of the brown stools that we got recovered they were once Brett's Nanny's. It's hard to see the pattern on the ottoman but it has all the colors of the room in the design.


Now I am working on finalizing plans for the fireplace renovation! Stay tuned!

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