Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mostly Great Wolf Lodge...

For the boys February break from school I joined them and took the week off to get some things taken care of around the house and also to give the boys some mid winter fun. We booked one night at the Great Wolf Lodge in the Pocono's. The lodge boasts a large indoor water park. The drive was not bad it was only a little over two hours. The Pocono's is quite a rustic location. We were excited to see this sign at the end of the drive!

You can see some of the slides from the water park extending outside of the building. The boys were so excited by this sight (including Brett).

The Hotel itself is quite impressive looking from the outside.

They really go all out with both the lodge theme and the wolf theme. Here you can see howling wolves on the impressive entry to the Hotel...

There was a huge line for the check in so the boys and scoped out the lay of the land while Brett checked us in...

One flight up from the lobby had these windows that gave us a glimpse of the indoor water park area.
At this point the boys were reaching fever pitch to get in there.

Down in the lobby Brett waited on the check in line...

We stopped in the gift shop to pass some time and Joshua had to get this cute little wolf pup. Of course I indulged him!

Jacob almost instantly became obsessed with the Magic Quest scene in the hotel and took his time picking out a wand to get in on the action.

Here he is later at dinner adoring his wand...

Here is a shot of the boys finally entering the water park... 
(The life vests are provided by GWL)

As you can see it did not take them long to get into it. They loved these cute little geysers.

 There was a great little kiddie slide area that ended up in water only 2 feet deep. We spent alot of time there. Here is Jacob going down...

Here is Joshua landing in the water..

Jacob and Joshua even did some of the bigger slides and Joshua LOVED it!

Here Brett and the boys were getting "dumped" on by a giant bucket that would fill up and overflow every few minutes...

This picture was in front of the ginormous fireplace in the lobby on the way to dinner...

Here is Jacob on a Magic Quest with Joshua as a protector with his stuffed sword.

At 8:00 the kiddies got a special show, in their pjs, of a mechanical forest at the lobby clocktower. All the critters and trees came to life.
(I thought it was creepy LOL)

The boys were both mesmerized and exhausted...

Afterwards this sweet wolfette read the kids a bedtime story in front of the fireplace.

The next day was packed full of water park fun, and one minor cat fight incident that threatened to dampen the fun but I was the adult in the situation and walked away.

The boys had so much fun which always makes the trip worth it. They both passed out before we got to the highway.

Check back in for the unveiling of our new couch!


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