Friday, February 11, 2011

Feeding Joshua's Car Obsession

Anyone that knows Joshua knows that he is obsessed with cars, specifically Lightning McQueen from Disney Cars but that obsession has progressed to loving all red cars. 

So, I found this magazine in the desk of a former fellow employee and decided to bring it home for Joshua, who also happens to have a minor obsession with cutting things up with scissors. 

You see in Josh's Pre-K 3 cutting up old scholastic catalogs to get the kids used to cutting is almost a daily thing. Well it is for those kids that really enjoy it.

So armed with our own lion kiddie sissors and a giant glue stick we set out to make a car collage with all of the  red cars that we could find from this old magazine. 

Joshua did most of the cutting but his little hands got tired so I started cutting them and he just glued and stuck them on to the page.

Who could imagine that there would be so many red cars in one magazine!

He really, really loved making this collage and even brought it over to Gigi and Poppies house later to show them.

He later told me that he is willing to make another one with all of the other colored cars that were in the magazine.

This morning before I left for work Joshua was cutting up bubble wrap with those little scissors, LOL!

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