Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mostly Great Wolf Lodge...

For the boys February break from school I joined them and took the week off to get some things taken care of around the house and also to give the boys some mid winter fun. We booked one night at the Great Wolf Lodge in the Pocono's. The lodge boasts a large indoor water park. The drive was not bad it was only a little over two hours. The Pocono's is quite a rustic location. We were excited to see this sign at the end of the drive!

You can see some of the slides from the water park extending outside of the building. The boys were so excited by this sight (including Brett).

The Hotel itself is quite impressive looking from the outside.

They really go all out with both the lodge theme and the wolf theme. Here you can see howling wolves on the impressive entry to the Hotel...

There was a huge line for the check in so the boys and scoped out the lay of the land while Brett checked us in...

One flight up from the lobby had these windows that gave us a glimpse of the indoor water park area.
At this point the boys were reaching fever pitch to get in there.

Down in the lobby Brett waited on the check in line...

We stopped in the gift shop to pass some time and Joshua had to get this cute little wolf pup. Of course I indulged him!

Jacob almost instantly became obsessed with the Magic Quest scene in the hotel and took his time picking out a wand to get in on the action.

Here he is later at dinner adoring his wand...

Here is a shot of the boys finally entering the water park... 
(The life vests are provided by GWL)

As you can see it did not take them long to get into it. They loved these cute little geysers.

 There was a great little kiddie slide area that ended up in water only 2 feet deep. We spent alot of time there. Here is Jacob going down...

Here is Joshua landing in the water..

Jacob and Joshua even did some of the bigger slides and Joshua LOVED it!

Here Brett and the boys were getting "dumped" on by a giant bucket that would fill up and overflow every few minutes...

This picture was in front of the ginormous fireplace in the lobby on the way to dinner...

Here is Jacob on a Magic Quest with Joshua as a protector with his stuffed sword.

At 8:00 the kiddies got a special show, in their pjs, of a mechanical forest at the lobby clocktower. All the critters and trees came to life.
(I thought it was creepy LOL)

The boys were both mesmerized and exhausted...

Afterwards this sweet wolfette read the kids a bedtime story in front of the fireplace.

The next day was packed full of water park fun, and one minor cat fight incident that threatened to dampen the fun but I was the adult in the situation and walked away.

The boys had so much fun which always makes the trip worth it. They both passed out before we got to the highway.

Check back in for the unveiling of our new couch!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The new bed... Ahhh...

 After months of complaining about the uncomfortable pillow top mattress that we've had for the last 7 years we finally went to IKEA and got a new mattress and this awesome bed frame. It's called the Hopen bed frame and I think you could make some jokes with a name like that!

I found the Michael Kors Phuket bedding for a steal on And the cool shaggy wool rug I found at Home Goods for a great price. They really have great prices on rugs.


It took a bit out of us putting it together but I love the final results!
Well I am off to go test out the overnight comfort level! LOL! Tomorrow we are off to Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos. The boys were out of their minds with excitement today!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Jacob's first after school visit with his best friend

Jacob is growing up so fast! He had his first after school play date with his best friend Lily. 

Lily's mom was very sweet for having Jacob over. She even baked them chocolate chip cookies. Jacob even played with Lily's younger and older brothers. They played hide and seek and they also played in the fort that the kids have in their back yard.

Jacob had chocolate teeth here and Lily thought it was pretty gross.

Jacob is such a big kid that he is getting ready to loose his first tooth and in his honor I will be having my very first giveaway to go along with this big event!
Stay tuned!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day...

Happy Valentines Day! I love Valentines Day! I am determined to make my sons little romantics. What can be wrong with any holiday in which you express your love for others? Some people might say it's commercialized, well you can take it as far as you like it. We have enough angst in life and I truly believe that you should make a little effort to go overboard with love sometimes. Yea its important everyday but isn't it important to really celebrate it sometimes? 

Brett sent me this cute little mini tulips mug from Pro flowers. It was delivered to my office on Friday. The early delivery was due to a mix-up on their side, so he was told that they would be sending me another one today to apologize for their mistake LOL!

We delivered these flowers to Grandma on Saturday...

We gave this one to Gigi on Friday, she likes dragonflies so we picked a little pot with them on it...

We bought our valentine cards this year so I wanted the boys to make cookies to bring to school so they could feel like they made something sweet for all of the important people in their lives.

Josh was excited to cut the package open.

Jacob opened the heart cookie box...

...then he cut his open too.

Anyone can make these cookies they are foolproof or child ready!

See how easy! Yes Josh is still cutting in the background...

He knows its a silly thing ...

We put frosting in the middle, Josh tried to frost but it got a little messy...

 So easy that you don't even need to color your own frosting!

And the frosting comes with these cute sprinkles that we rolled the cookies in!

This is one of the finished smiley hearts...

We used Wilson lollipop bags for the finished cookie and hten attached them to the Valentine pencils that we put on the cards.

Yes of course the cards were Disney Cars! Except for the ones Jacob gave to the girls in his class.

 They always get a little silly at the end, it could be from having some samples!

Josh can't seem to smile for the camera without squishing up his face!

This morning Brett gave me this pretty necklace from Red Envelope:
The boys were decked out in their Valentines shirts and professed their love for each other...

Joshua wouldn't stop kissing Jacob's hand...

And then it was off to school & preschool to have a Valentine party day! Joshua couldn't wait to give his teachers their gifts he even carried one in...


Once he got inside he gave his teachers BIG hugs, so I guess my romance training is working LOL!

Happy express your love day!

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