Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow day #3...

We definitely got dumped on again and I was not too psyched to start shoveling us out, the problem being that Fuji had not officially closed yet. Once I get started I find it rewarding  to see my progress.

The view of our driveway and path before the shoveling...

Luckily the driveway is not too big and it's very flat...

Yay! Not only did we have a clear path to the house I got the word that Fuji finally closed for the day!

Once I did my 2/3 portion of shoveling I had Brett go finish up and started making cookies with the boys.

We made them from scratch from the recipe on the back of the Nestle chocolate chips package. The boys LOVE cooking! I even let them hold the electric mixer for a few seconds, they were very impressed with it.

Jacob asked why do we mix it up, so I explained that we want every cookie to have a bunch of chips so that no one gets sad that their cookie has none.

They needed two immediately but you can see that they all came out perfectly!

 They really loved eating up the warm cookies with some milk :)

Joshua is attempting to show his degree of happiness via his facial expression, LOL! I told him to show me how much he loved the cookies.

Jacob demonstrates the proper way to hold the cookie at 8 and 4 o'clock...

Getting sillier and sillier...

Jacob asked me to take a picture of him "chomping" his cookie...

Brett joined in the cookie chomp when he walked in from shoveling and smelled the baking cookies. He decided that they were darn good.

I am already tired of the snow but I sure do love staying home from work!

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