Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Pajama Cupcake Day New Years Eve 2010...

Ok so who doesn't love those days that you stay in your pajamas all day long? Well that's how we spent our last day of 2010.  We woke up late, made home made waffles, hung around, and at some point I decided to try out one of my Christmas gifts the babycakes cupcake maker.
This was one of the things I really wanted from my wish list because I knew the boys would love it!

For our first time using it I used store bought mix the Funfetti kind because the boys like it the best. I substitute milk for water and butter for oil so they taste yummier.

Joshua was my mixer...


I filled the cupcake maker...

They are supposed to cook in about 5-8 minutes and the little green light comes on to tell you they should be checked with a toothpick for readiness. The cupcakes are not exactly mini but they are not full sized cupcakes either.

Are they ready yet?!

Not too bad for a first run they looked a little toasty after cooking for around 6-7 minutes but they tasted good once we frosted them. I cooked the second batch for 5 minutes and they were perfect.

I was not in love with the crunchy residue that was left behind. I read that you can actually use cupcake liners right in this to avoid sticking. It cleaned up nicely with a cloth and some water.

Jacob decided to join us for the decorating. I seem to collect all sorts of sprinkles when I am out and about so we filled up bowls with the different kinds. They were thrilled to be able to frost their own cupcakes.

Jacob ready for the best part the taste test!


I frosted up the rest while the boys chomped the finished ones.

I recently moved their little table from the den out to this in between area. It's in between the dining area, living room and kitchen. I think they'll use it more here.

Now all I need is the super cool Kuhn Rikon Frosting Deco Pen
also on my wishlist :) Ahh maybe for mothers day. (hint, hint...)
Jacob asked me if I could make some more cupcakes yesterday as if cupcake making is going to be an everyday occurrence (LOL). He was definitely impressed!


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