Saturday, January 1, 2011

The NY Botanical Garden Train Show...

We enjoyed the NY Botanical Garden train show so much last year that we decided to go back this year but this time we brought along cousin Eden, Uncle Michael, and Aunt Crystal.

I love the miniature houses that all happen to be replicas of famous buildings or houses.

Poppy is in his glory following his three grandchildren. Eden LOVED the show right from the begining.

A replica of Penn Station NY. Look at the amazing details. This is one of the bigger buildings.

What train show is complete without a little Thomas the Tank Engine?

Gigi and Aunt Crystal also loved seeing the kids having so much fun. Eden kept saying "here it comes"!

This freight train was a favorite among the kids. I think because it was super long.

I love this little cabin. All of the plants are real; such as these African Violets.

Still excited about the freight train. Eden made a little friend, named Gabriel, here .

We were heading to the Empire State Building the next day so this shot of Manhattan was fitting.

The bridges above our heads are all replicas of the NY bridges. The trains even have little people in them and lights.

I love this model of the Guggenheim Museum. They use shelf mushrooms to create the different levels.

If you look closely you can see the intricate details of little people statues on this house.

Look at the beautiful miniature landscaping.

This shot gives an idea of the scope of the display. These orange trumpet flowers, hanging from above, smelled amazing.

We all love the little lady bug train. There is a butterfly one too. Eden thought this was Rocket from the Little Einsteins at first. She is obsessed with them.

My handsome Jacob.

As a bonus the park offers gingerbread adventures where you explore the different kids of spices that go into gingerbread. You get to decorate cookies and check out some gingerbread houses that they made here.

These pretty trees welcome you towards the gingerbread area of the park

They have some science tables set up in the spice area. Jacob loves the magnifying glasses and microscopes there.

This gingerbread house had Santa and his reindeer lounging on a beach.

This model showed a little ice fishing exhibition. Josh finally posed for me!

The little outdoor gingerbread house was laden with snow but here is little Eden poking her head out of the window.

Jacob too...

The pinecone lady bug.

Minutes after we got on the road heading home...

More winter break adventures coming soon!

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  1. Too cute! We are definitely going to this show next year with Matthew!


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