Monday, January 3, 2011

The Empire State Building...

Jacob has been begging for us to take him to the Empire State Building so that he could see the views from the top. So we finally obliged and brought them there last Wednesday while we were on vacation.

Here is the view as we drove up to it...

While we were waiting on the line outside we were convinced to buy "fast track tickets" that would get us "straight in" to see a 15 minute virtual movie and then right up to the top. LOL it was not exactly right in to the movie there was security and three separate waiting areas to get into the movie.  The movie was pretty cool we had a virtual tour of NYC as our seats lifted us and zoomed us around the streets and city skyline. It was pretty cool. 

Here is one of the many models of the ESB that was really nicely lit up.  It was hard to get the whole model into the picture...

 The boys were real troopers waiting on all of the lines. They decided to amuse a Bavarian couple who were with their son who must have been around 30ish and the woman said our Joshua reminded her of her son as a child.  They came from Neuschwanstein, which I surprisingly knew about from reading the Little Einsteins trick or treat book to the boys. They trick or treat for Bavarian pretzels at the famous Neuschwanstein Castle.  The boys took their attention as a queue to be ridiculous and attempt to make them smile.

There was King Kong paraphernalia all through the building gift shops and displays. 

We finally made it to the 86th floor observatory after many lines and two elevators but what a view!

The Chrysler building...

 My little brother lives down there somewhere!

Surprisingly I was not too afraid of the height...
Jacob was thrilled. He said he was so excited that his hands were going to fall off.  I have no idea what that means but he was clearly very thrilled to have this life long (albeit 5 yrs) goal fulfilled.  

Joshua was a little moody by the time we got to the top, he was hungry, tired, and refused to pee away from home.

This shot is looking to the southern tip of Manhattan...

I didn't love the crowds but I sure did love making my little guy so happy!

The East River....
I love the snowy building tops from the snow storm two days before.

 Our lady Liberty way out in the distance...

Zoomed in closer so you can make out her silhouette...

In the lobby there were a bunch of these Christmas displays. This particular one was all made out of candy. Yum!

We all promised each other that we would come back in a few years. 
We love living so close to NYC!



  1. LOL - Joshua didn't pee all day??!! Oy!

  2. Not since 10AM! We finally got him to go at a pizza place at around 3:30. Oy is right!


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