Monday, January 24, 2011

The Black Cat Cafe gig...

On Saturday night we had a big first for the boys.  They got to go see their daddy perform the Eddy and Brett Show in Irvington at The Black Cat Cafe. Ever since Atomsmasher took their show acoustic they have had a big resurgence and they have been playing more frequent small shows. This one in particular was right near Uncle Michael's neighborhood and was the earliest show ever starting at 6:00PM! I seized the opportunity to have the boys see their daddy play his music.

First we met up with Uncle Michael, Aunt Crystal, and Eden for dinner at the Eldorado Diner. Eden idolizes her big cousin Jacob. 


In turn Jacob adores her!

The Black Cat Cafe was really cute, this was Brett's first gig with his new keyboard.

Joshua was singing and clapping along, he kept saying "this is my best day ever".

He even did some slow dancing to Eden's delight...

I bought her this hip little outfit for her 2nd birthday this month...

Aunt Pam and Cousin Sammi; Sammi is going to be 6 this week! She just lost 2 teeth!

Jacob already looks like a little rocker, he kept telling Ron "Cool drum sticks!". He want's to play percussion...

Our love...

I love this shot of the boys doing their own thing...

This slow dance was so darn cute, Joshua and Sammi were so shy with each other LOL...

Sammi was great with Eden too...

Here is a little taste of some of the moshing craziness that went on...

There was a huge turn out but I failed to take pictures of some of the adults. 

Some of the guests were: Chau & Mark (with a friend) , Marie & Greg, a guy we grew up with George & his cute little son Wyatt (with neighbors), Paul Silano & Lordes (with another Valhalla teacher & her husband that I can't remember), Jill & Kate, Michael, Crystal, & Eden,and finally Pam & Sammi. I didn't know the others that were there.

A little later in the show a few other kiddies showed up and it was a riot. Those pics did not come out for some reason!

The boys were great and I would do it again in a heartbeat! We were home by 8:30ish and straight to bed!



  1. Glad they had a good time! Looks like everyone had fun. :-)

  2. Nice entry Joanne! It was cool playing for such a excited group.

  3. Thanks! The audience was definitely excited!

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    Emma Michaels


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