Monday, January 31, 2011

Date night...

 We celebrated Brett's 38th Birthday last week.  
The boys choose this Pepperidge Farm cake with sprinkles and we jazzed it up a bit...

On Saturday night we continued the celebration with our semiannual date night at our favorite date night restaurant, The Melting Pot...

We went with the package deal called The Big Night Out which is a four course themed dinner, and I love themes! This particular theme was a "Traditional French inspired four course creation". 

It starts out with a DELICIOUS cheese fondue and for dippers you are given three different breads, bite sized green apples, and some veggies.

I love the pewter plates and the cozy booth! The cooker is right on your table. Brett developed this technique to catch the dripping cheese LOL!

I quickly drank up my first French Martini, before I remembered to snap a pic,  it was flavored with hints of raspberry and pineapple juice.

The Nicoise salad course was simple but delicious, of course it looked pretty too! 

Who could not love this! The melted Brie, Fontina, Gruyere and  Raclette Cheese was flavored with white truffle cream, Nueske's bacon, onions, and fresh chives.

Our second and final round of cocktails...

We were really enjoying ourselves! 

Our Coq au vin fondue flavored with burgundy wine and mushrooms...

Here's what you get to cook (we left off the duck and asked for more chicken) Starting from the back there's Chicken Provencal, Filet Mingon,  Peppercorn-Crusted NY Strip, Roasted-Garlic Shrimp, and two Ratatouille & Goat Cheese Ravioli...

 Who wouldn't love this!

Oh Yeah, they also give you some broccoli, potatoe, and mushrooms along with the slotted "search and rescue" spoon... 

Aren't these fondue forks so pretty! You can see some of the dipping sauces in the background. I loved the blue cheese for the Filet Mignon!

A little shrimp with spicy sauce, these cooked in a minute and a half...

Brett was even enjoying some rescued broccoli, which was hot from floating around in the fondue for a while!

 We were so excited for the final course that we ate some before I snapped a picture but you can see how delicious it was. Our theme chocolate fondue was white chocolate creme brulee, it was so Yummy.

The dessert dippers included: strawberries, bananas, brownie bites, pound cake bites, chocolate drench cheese cake, bite sized rice crispy treats,  chocolate rolled marshmallows, and coconut rolled marshmallows.

Steamy melted chocolate heaven! Oh and they caramelize the sugar right in front of you!

The brownie bite was my favorite hands down...

Brett was ready to explode at this point... 

While we were out the boys enjoyed McDonald's with Grandma and Grandpa and they were so good that Grandma said that we should go out more often so that they can babysit. We probably will since our seven year anniversary is just a little over a month away. 

I highly recommend a date night at The Melting Pot it is so tasty but its also a very romantic setting in your private booth with fake stars twinkling above.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday... Jacob's soul

Jacob goes to an after school program, Kid's Express, that helps him learn about his self and how to positively interact with others to form lasting friendships. 
One day they were given some materials and asked to create what they think their souls would look like. I guess he envisioned an angelic snowman. It's soft and squishy, I think it's beautiful.



Monday, January 24, 2011

The Black Cat Cafe gig...

On Saturday night we had a big first for the boys.  They got to go see their daddy perform the Eddy and Brett Show in Irvington at The Black Cat Cafe. Ever since Atomsmasher took their show acoustic they have had a big resurgence and they have been playing more frequent small shows. This one in particular was right near Uncle Michael's neighborhood and was the earliest show ever starting at 6:00PM! I seized the opportunity to have the boys see their daddy play his music.

First we met up with Uncle Michael, Aunt Crystal, and Eden for dinner at the Eldorado Diner. Eden idolizes her big cousin Jacob. 


In turn Jacob adores her!

The Black Cat Cafe was really cute, this was Brett's first gig with his new keyboard.

Joshua was singing and clapping along, he kept saying "this is my best day ever".

He even did some slow dancing to Eden's delight...

I bought her this hip little outfit for her 2nd birthday this month...

Aunt Pam and Cousin Sammi; Sammi is going to be 6 this week! She just lost 2 teeth!

Jacob already looks like a little rocker, he kept telling Ron "Cool drum sticks!". He want's to play percussion...

Our love...

I love this shot of the boys doing their own thing...

This slow dance was so darn cute, Joshua and Sammi were so shy with each other LOL...

Sammi was great with Eden too...

Here is a little taste of some of the moshing craziness that went on...

There was a huge turn out but I failed to take pictures of some of the adults. 

Some of the guests were: Chau & Mark (with a friend) , Marie & Greg, a guy we grew up with George & his cute little son Wyatt (with neighbors), Paul Silano & Lordes (with another Valhalla teacher & her husband that I can't remember), Jill & Kate, Michael, Crystal, & Eden,and finally Pam & Sammi. I didn't know the others that were there.

A little later in the show a few other kiddies showed up and it was a riot. Those pics did not come out for some reason!

The boys were great and I would do it again in a heartbeat! We were home by 8:30ish and straight to bed!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting organized...

I am in the midst of getting my house organized. I'm not just talking tidy I mean lets pull out the things from all the overstuffed drawers, corners, or where ever they might be hiding. Since I have spent the last two years getting my masters degree, working full time, and raising my two boys, I have kept my house tidy and pretty clean but entropy has taken over and now I am setting some new rules and regaining order. 

 I have already made huge strides with our piled up paperwork yet one last thing I need to tackle is all of  the adorable piles of crafts or mementos that come home from preschool and kindergarten. So getting to the point, I have had this adorable little book on Jacob's wishlist for about a year now but last night I broke down and ordered two, one for Joshua and one for Jacob. They are not only really cute they help solve the nagging question "What is really important to keep?". 
The books have pages for preschool through high school! I want to get started right away since Joshua will be in Pre-K4 at the end of June and Jacob is already more than half way through Kindergarten. 

The following is an awesome review on Amazon that really tells how it is designed:

"This is a great place to collect important memories and keepsakes in a compact way.

One thing that is cool is that it's set up for kids and parents to do together. There are about 3 pages and an envelope within the spiral bound book for each school year.

The first page is a snapshot of the year. There's a place to put the child's photo, and stats including school name, teachers, and a few lines for parents' notes about the year. There's a place at the bottom for "My Signature" which is a fun feature. I know that whenever I see my 11-year-old scrawl inside a book, or my 15-year-old signature on a paper it brings back major memories.

The second page is written from the child's point of view. For the elementary years, it includes a scorecard for 4 different subjects, my friends, best thing about this year, what I'm good at, and when I grow up. The secondary years get a little more "real" adding hobbies and activities, this was a big bummer, and summer plans (instead of what I want to be when I grow up).

The third page is a pocket, with suggestions of unique items to include which will show their their growth: sample artwork, awards, note to my future self, a piece of string as long as I am tall, tracing of my hand, a school nametag, a newspaper headline or story, and of course a report card. The secondary years add a note or email from a good friend and replace nametag with school ID.

The back of the pocket is lined, adding another spot for some journaling. The pocket flaps and closes to keep everything secure." 

The review was written by Jennifer Donovan from 5minutesforbooks.   

Another thing I purchased to keep school pictures in order is this awesome frame from Exposures:

I already have Jacob's Kindergarten picture in there. I plan to switch out the big picture each year.
Time is flying by so I am really excited that I am going to try to capture some of these things in an organized way for the boys to treasure for years to come!
Happy organizing! (The process is tough but the results are so worth it!)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday... a long time ago

In 7th Grade Home Economics Class I sewed these, Holly Hobbie like, letter pillows that made up my name.

In an effort to organize her house my mom asked us to take some of our old things to our own houses. Since I really don't have room for things like this I opted to throw these out and took this picture to immortalize them.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow day #3...

We definitely got dumped on again and I was not too psyched to start shoveling us out, the problem being that Fuji had not officially closed yet. Once I get started I find it rewarding  to see my progress.

The view of our driveway and path before the shoveling...

Luckily the driveway is not too big and it's very flat...

Yay! Not only did we have a clear path to the house I got the word that Fuji finally closed for the day!

Once I did my 2/3 portion of shoveling I had Brett go finish up and started making cookies with the boys.

We made them from scratch from the recipe on the back of the Nestle chocolate chips package. The boys LOVE cooking! I even let them hold the electric mixer for a few seconds, they were very impressed with it.

Jacob asked why do we mix it up, so I explained that we want every cookie to have a bunch of chips so that no one gets sad that their cookie has none.

They needed two immediately but you can see that they all came out perfectly!

 They really loved eating up the warm cookies with some milk :)

Joshua is attempting to show his degree of happiness via his facial expression, LOL! I told him to show me how much he loved the cookies.

Jacob demonstrates the proper way to hold the cookie at 8 and 4 o'clock...

Getting sillier and sillier...

Jacob asked me to take a picture of him "chomping" his cookie...

Brett joined in the cookie chomp when he walked in from shoveling and smelled the baking cookies. He decided that they were darn good.

I am already tired of the snow but I sure do love staying home from work!
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