Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Joshua's Holiday Extravaganza and Jacob's Kindergarten Songathon

 This year Joshua was a train in the Holiday Extravaganza. He did a great job chugging his arms. The little dots on their noses are supposed to make them all look like toys in toyland.

They had a special visit from Santa Claus and Joshua told Santa that he loved him. Then he shouted "I love you mama!"

Jacob's school had a Kindergarten Holiday Songathon which brought tears to my eyes. He was acutely aware that I was there and you can see him in the middle looking right at me. He is between his two best friends Yoel and Lilly.

Here you can see Lilly whispering something to him (she is looking down). They all wore scarves, gloves, and white t-shirts with shapes for buttons to make them look like snow people.

Here is Jacob with Mrs. Spiteri.

He was hamming it up because he was so excited that we all went back to their classroom for a little celebration.

He was showing me all of the things that they do during the day.  Here he was reading me his book that he made "All about me", and he's laughing because he was four when he made it.

They are both growing up so fast, I am so lucky to have these precious memories.

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