Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Decor 2010

Here is a view of our Christmas tree from the living room. 
The tree is real and it's around 7feet tall. 
We got it from the Delancey Street Foundation.


This year I got these cute ginger bread cookie kits from Trader Joe's and they were perfect for the boys to decorate with very little help from me. 
Here is Joshua's red headed ginger bread boy...

 Here is Jacob's rocker dude ginger bread boy with a bandanna around his head...

I got this ginger bread house wall art last year on sale at Walmart and the boys wanted to put it on their bedroom walls...

Aren't Joshua's Lightning McQueen Christmas PJ's cute?

I got this other really pretty wall art at the Home Goods store...

What Christmas decor can be complete without the mistletoe? Joshua made Brett and I kiss under the mistletoe!

 While the boys made their ginger bread boys I made this cute ginger bread A-frame, also from Trader Joe's. Look at the cute sugar people it came with!

Here is the view of the tree from the dining room area...

And the stockings they hung... (hopefully next year the fireplace will be redone, stay tuned!)

The hallmark musical, dancing, plushie from a few years ago still an ottoman fixture and favorite!

On top of the entertainment center are few of the Christmas pictures that I bring out every year. I started a tradition where I frame one of the pictures that we use in our holiday card and each year and we display them at Christmas. 
The one on the right is hard to see but its Jacob at four weeks old on his very first Christmas.

Of course we have to have a holiday hand towel in the new bathroom!

 ...and some cute penguin decorative pieces...

I always buy myself a nice holiday bouquet and put it in the entryway to welcome us as we come home. I love fresh flowers at the holidays.



  1. I bought those pre-made Gingerbread men at Bed Bath the other day for Matthew. Can't wait to see what he does with them!

    LOVE the tree!

  2. Thanks! Notice I have the wipeable tablecloth so if the mess gets out of hand its easy to clean up LOL. Those little sprinkles were everywhere!


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