Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010...

 As tradition has it we spent Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad's House.
The new fireplace looks so pretty.

And even prettier, the tree bursting with presents.

Joshua gets so excited to see Lightning McQueen that he doesn't even notice that he already has this look and find book in a smaller version.

Jacob takes a long time to open his gifts very neatly.

 Eden loves grapes and saying "Cheese"...

Jacob is finally getting his pose down for the camera, so handsome!

Joshua wants to get right into the look and find with his dada.

He even gets Aunt Trisha to read him a Mr. Men book with Bo the cat and Reily the Boxer snoozing alongside.

Santa's favorite cookies, some milk, and carrots for the riendeer. There is the pretty candle holder Ruth made me for Christmas, holding a flameless tea light candle.

Before bedtime giddiness!
We've been tracking santa all day via the offical NORAD tracker that uses GOOGLE Earth. We know he's getting very close!

A little brotherly love...

We saw that Santa had come as we tiptoed to bed!

Scooby-Doo paper for Jacob and Lightning and Mater for Josuha, almost no need for name tags!

The stockings were too heavy to be left hanging...

Some of our favorite ornaments... (Joshua made the M&M tree, the beaded candycane and styrofoam ball with his name on it at school this year)

He also made his Daddy this sweet little frame...

And this stylish bag for his Mama...

And finally this gorgeous tree to decorate the house. He really likes to paint!


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  1. LOVE IT! That fireplace looks awesome - that's the kind of thing Matt wants to do with ours.


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