Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Santa was definitely here the cookies, carrots, and milk are all gone!

Jacob opened his stocking items and played with each one while Joshua sped around and opened all of his gifts which was all over in about fifteen minutes.

Joshua hard at work...

Jacob even took time to watch Joshua open his gifts.  Here Josh opens his Cars Piston Cup Garage, (you can see the excitement on his face)...

Jacob gets excited about the little things like this miniature nut cracker from his stocking...

Josh's number one wished for item Cars Toon Monster Truck Wrastlin'

Oh the pride!

Here it is later in action with some extra vehicles Santa so kindly supplied.

 Joshua finished opening up the few "non Cars" gifts that he got which were a few of the gang from Chuggington and a really nice Chuggington loop train track. You can see Jacob's unopened gifts in the background LOL.

The track propells the trains through the loop and is really cute.

Joshua and I eventually helped Jacob open the rest of his gifts so we could move on to playing with the toys!

Jacob did most of his gift opening with a fake blowup tounge in his mouth that he had gotten in his stocking: Here is his Bakugan Battle Arena. Not too long after this the tounge popped from being blown up too much.

Santa always brings some paining or art supplies too!

This is another of the Mater's Tall Tales play sets UFO Mater. Jacob loves them too!

 Jacob got this really awesome drum, keyboard, mixmaster setup complete with headphones that can be used so that no one else can hear the jammin! (Santa did his her research LOL)

You can see the little mini turntable here.

 Josh thought that no one was watching him check out the msuic kit. Mommy sees everything!

 Round three at Uncle Michael and Aunt Crystal's...

 Josh can not believe his luck!

Jacob finally got into the spirit and tried to lift a pile of his booty (unsuccessfully).

I was too tired to take pictues of my yule log cake or anything else at my brother's house. There is always next year!

We are now in the midst of a major toy reorg which allows us to introduce a few more of the neat things they got from Santa. Things that they needed help putting together and have not played with yet.

Over the break we have been watching Toy Story Three and it never fails that I cry at the end when Andy leaves for college. Jacob says "are you crying again mom?" My boys are growing up so fast. I do love watching them grow into such grateful and loving kids. Jacob so sweetly said that he got more than he even wanted for Christmas.

We are lucky to be able to donate some old (and duplicated) toys to the pre-school and before and after school center. We also donated to the Westchester children's hospital and to a local charity. I want the holidays to be a time where the boys  learn about giving to those in need. Especially when we are so fortunate.

It was most definitely a Merry Christmas. Lots of laughs and love all around.



  1. I think I have a little boy who would love a playdate with those Cars toys!!

  2. Definitely once we finish getting organized!


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