Friday, November 5, 2010

Creating timeless memories with holiday cards from Shutterfly...

My Christmas memories of my childhood include memories of my mom getting our family Christmas cards in the mail and hanging them from ribbons around our livingroom. As I got older I even enjoyed helping mom hang them on the ribbons.

Winter holiday in Vermont 1973
 We have a big family, my mom was one of eight children, some of whom still live in my mom's homeland of Scotland. Christmas cards were and still are our way of checking in with each other once a year at minimum. We really look forward to some of the letters we receive from old acquaintances. One in particular we read aloud on Christmas Eve and laugh.

I think that Shutterfly's story cards, like the one below, would be great for this use.

With the creation of photo cards the holiday card has been brought to a whole new level. 
Two years ago my sister in law even made her gift tags at shutterfly with a photo of her pet chihuaua on them and they were hysterical! 

I think this one is cute:

For the last few years, since I now have my own children, I have used Shutterfly for my Holiday Cards. This is the one I used last year:

Since my husband is Jewish we keep the sentiments to "Happy Holidays" so we can mail them out to his friends and family too!

I kind of like this one for this year:
I love the holiday season! Shutterfly always has the very best quality.
Jacob's first Christmas 2005
Joshua's first Santa picture 2007
 Happy holiday card hunting :)


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