Sunday, October 3, 2010

Apple and pumpkin picking with cousin Eden...

It was a chilly fall day today but we got out early and met Uncle Michael, Aunt Crystal, and our beloved niece/cousin Eden for some good fall activities at Wilkins Fruit and Fir Farm

First stop freshly made cider donuts, YUM!

Next stop wagon ride to the apples!
 Throwing pebbles while we wait for the tractor ride to the apples.
 Look mama an apple!
 I don't mess around I use the picker pole.
 The apple hand off.
 How many apples can a three year old carry?
 The boys picked a ton of apples, the trees were loaded with apples and lots that were at the right height for little guys.

 Jacob ready to find the perfect pumpkin.
 Pumpkin sitting is fu-un (as Mater would say).
My brother Michael picked the second biggest pumpkin of the season,
it was 21 pounds!
 Jacob loves the pumpkin patch.
 We finally got Josh to join in with the promise of more cider donuts!

 Uncle Michael found a Fuzzy wuzzy!
 Crystal and Michael are celebrating their first Halloween in their new house so they got six pumpkins! The 13 pounder in the back is ours.
 Boy is it hard to get three kids to pose for a picture!
 Smile for some candy :)
 Happy family #1...
Happy family #2...
A great time was had by all, Jacob said "I really love the fall". He also would like to get a job making cider donuts when he is a teenager LOL.
Maybe we'll go back to cut down our own Christmas tree if its not too cold out! 

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