Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday... "Halloween's of past 2006-2009"

 ~ 2006 ~

 My little 11 month old vamp....

~2007 ~

A 23 month old purple dragon...
In 2007 we added a cute little 4 month old pumpkin to the crew...
~2008 ~ 

Simba 35 months old ...

Cheese sticks before the candy deluge!

Daddy Frankenstein and our little eight legged 16 month old!

~ 2009 ~

Thomas the Tank Engine almost 4yrs old...

 Mama and Dada vamps...

~ Poo Bear ~
28 months old

I am so excited for this 2010 Halloween weekend!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Camp Kiwi Fall Festival...

Today Brett had band practice, with Atomsmasher, so I ventured out with the boys and met up with my mom and dad over at Camp Kiwi's annual fall festival.

I seriously think I should get the boys a job testing out bounce houses.
 How cute is Joshua's new tow truck shirt?
 Love this shot...
 Ok, Jacob scares me how he just jumps of the slide without even touching the surface of it!
 Joshua mastered this giant slide...
 The boys made sand art...
 Joshua's is/was a pumpkin necklace that is already destroyed.
 Joshua wanted Lightning McQueen on his face, of course...
 Luckily the woman paining faces has a son who also worships Lightning so she sorta knew what to paint.
I told the boys there were more bounce houses up the hill so they tried to decipher the Camp Kiwi map. (The bounce houses were not on there)
 They had two excellent bounce houes all to themselves!
Right behind the bounce houses were some animals too; a llama, some roosters, chickens, and donkeys. Very cute!
 This could have been a great shot had Joshua not been exhausted..

 Jacob was obviously into picture taking with his balloon puppy, classic!
 Josh decided he'd rather sit on some firewood with his balloon sword...
 A really cool camp fire that they got to roast marshmallows over!
 Joshua got a crush on this "fairy" that made the balloons. He came right out and asked her for a hug.
 He also discussed whether or not she could fly like a plane or a helicopter. He kept going back over to her to talk her up.
 Poppy eating one of the roasted mashmallows!
 Jacob went for a nice ride on Willy the pony...
I could not believe that Joshua went for a ride too!
He usually gets a little nervous.
 Camp Kiwi was really a gorgeous place. There was a lot going on that we didn't even get to do like hay rides and paddle boats. They even had zip lines up in the woods. There were some really excellent food vendors too. Two ladies selling chocolate delights like chocolate dipped potato chips! Yum. And a guy was selling fresh bread and Italian specialties.

We'll definitely try to go back next year!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

This was a gorgeous double rainbow that we were looking at from our front steps at our house after the tropical storm Danielle passed through the NY area. The top rainbow was very faint and a little hard to see but the boys were amazed by them nonetheless.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy 75th Dad!

This weekend we celebrated Dad's 75th birthday. 
Joshua loved opening the presents, and cousin Eden did the wrapping paper romp!
She romped  herself silly with the tissue paper...
... and came to rest at her crazy 4 legged cousins Razmus and Riley!
Joshua loved snuggling all of his relatives especially Aunt Trisha.
Joshua and his Dada
Dad blowing out his one candle on his favorite pecan pie. The boys were on the sidelines instructing him on what to do.
(LOL after 75 years I think he knows the ropes)
Joshua even snuggled onto Uncle Michael's lap while he read Little Einsteins to Eden.
Jacob was so pooped that he fell asleep with his Alphabet binder, that we made him for Kindergarten, under his chin. He was so excited about it that he had to show Poppy and Gigi.
Joshua has so much fun with everyone that he wept all the way home saying how much he would miss everyone. He even made my mom cry.
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