Monday, August 30, 2010

Connecticut trip Aug 5-6 Mystic Seaport, Aquarium, and The Dinosaur Place

Jacob LOVED going on all of the ships at Mystic Seaport.
This giant anchor was so cool!
The boys ran all over the boats even where we taller folk could not fit.
This lighthouse offered an escape from the heat as well as a nice video show about light houses on three panoramic screens.
These colorful sailboats were a bunch on teenagers taking sailing classes.
A whale sculpture in the playground area.
The playground sported these really cute miniature ships.
We wrapped up the day with some yummy ice cream.

Day two started out with Mystic Aquarium.
The boys adored the beluga whales. What a great exhibit. Little Joshua burst into song singing Raffi's "Baby Beluga".
Joshua has decided that he loves to pose on rocks and asks for his picture to be taken on any that he comes across in our travels.
What is an aquarium without Nemo?
The seals :)
The inside coral tank was amazing, Jacob and I laughed and laughed at all of the strange looking fish.
The eels were in the top five funniest.
There was a really cute interactive area where the kids could touch starfish, crabs, and a few other sea creatures. Jacob could not bring himself to touch them, but I did!
I even touched the super slimy stingrays. Someone had to be brave right? 
You could even feed these guys if you bought some food. 
That was a tad to much interaction for me!

Our second part of  day two took part at
The Dinosaur Place around 15 minutes away from Mystic.

This was the first dinosaur that Jacob saw when we entered the park and he took off running to see it up close. 
Even though I cut of the dinosaurs head you can get the idea of the scale of these dinosaurs from this picture of Jacob standing in front of it.
Jacob walking across a dino backbone.
Joshua walking on a huge dinosaur shaped web, not bad for a 3 yr old!
Jacob in a dino nest.
The dinosaur maze.
Joshua freaked out at the end of the maze, he had no desire to enter this mouth!
Petrified wood.
One of the few pictures josh let us take with the dreaded paci in his mouth.
Brett and I did a timed picture.
Jacob and his daddy.
Joshua chose this rock for a snapshot moment.
Spray parks always make Josh happy.
A nice wet ending to a great trip!

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